How long does it take for orders to ship?

Orders typically ship in 1-3 business days or less.

***Holiday Orders 2022*** We are currently bringing in a lot of inventory every day and shipping orders ASAP to accommodate for Christmas gifts to get in the hands of USPS as soon as possible.

When will my Legend's Club Monthly Subscription Order ship?

We will ship out each respective month's Legend's Club shipment between the 7th and 15th of that month for existing subscribers.

New Subscribers will have their first order shipped within 7 days up until that month's inventory is sold out. At that point, your first shipment would go out with the next monthly shipment.

When will I be charged for my Legend's Club Subscription?

You will be charged at the time of purchase for your first shipment and on the 24th of the month for your monthly subscription renewals. (About 2 weeks prior to shipment)

What can I expect on the shirt designs?

We will be featuring a new and different T-shirt design each and every month. Some designs may be Legend Golf Co exclusive designs, and at other times there could be collaborations with other brands to feature their shirts each month. If you ever see a shirt or have a design idea you might like to see please reach out to us at

If you own a golf related apparel company and might like to have your shirts featured in the bag please let us know as well!

Do the shirts fit true to size?

The shirts are a high quality, very comfortable 60/40 poly/cotton, unisex shirt. They fit true to size and are more of an athletic or "fitted" cut so if you are in between sizes it may be best to choose the larger of the 2 sizes.

What if I need to change my size?

That is no problem! You can request a sizing change at any time by contacting us at with the new size needed. If renewals have already billed, we'll do our best to accommodate the sizing change. However, size changes made after the renewal date might not go into effect until the next renewal period.

Who is eligible for the giveaways?

All active subscribers to the Legend's Club are! No extra actions necessary!

What is your cancellation policy?

You may cancel the auto renewal of any subscription or membership at any time. However you will need to cancel prior to 11:59 PM the 23rd of the month or you will be charged and will be shipped that month's shipment. You do not do this you will be charged on the 24th. No exceptions.

If you cancel after renewals are billed your cancellation will go into effect for the next month. If you are subscribed to a subscription with pre-paid shipments you will receive all of the shipments you have paid for and the cancellation will go into effect after that date range.